Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Peeping Pug

Sometimes when I'm getting changed Sunny comes into my room and just watches me. She's my little peeping Tom pug, see?
My little stalker watches my every step...


  1. Aww! Yep, Payton did let me have any privacy either, so was notorious for barging in the bathroom. Should've fixed that door, but I loved it!

  2. I knew someone who had a dog (a jack russell, not surprisingly) who was obsessed with its owner's brassieres and would stare fixedly at her was she disrobed and would spring for the bra the moment it came off!

  3. I have three watching my every move.

  4. My pug watches me like this when I get dressed too. He whispers, "Go ahead. Leave me. You'll never make it out the door without playing with me first."