Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Two Pugs Passing in The Night

Today Sunny and I ran into another pug during our evening walk.  They spotted each other about 20 feet apart and both stood and stared at the other, with one paw frozen mid-air.  This lasted for a few minutes and then Sunny started moving forward in slow motion.  Step.  Step.  Step.  Finally, Sunny ended the stare-off and sprinted towards the other pug and they did their intros (aka butt sniffs).  This is how Sunny approaches all dogs she's intrigued by (especially pugs), but I loved seeing another pug do the exact same thing at the same time!  I knew I had to draw this and then the phrase "two ships passing in the night" just popped into my head.  So here are two pugs passing in the night, each doing the frozen stop and stare, with a paw up.

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