Friday, September 16, 2011


This week's Illustration Friday theme is mesmerizing.  I got a new phone last week (rhymes with myopic -which I am btw) and much to my pug's dismay, I have been totally mesmerized by it.  Love.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Waking Up - Great, Ok and Not Good

I have a rating system for how my pug wakes me up in the mornings.  If she just sits on me and stares at me until I wake up, great.  If my twilight pug bastes me with her tongue (I swear she's preparing me for breakfast), ok.  But more often than I'd like, she wakes me up with a close-up view of her pug butt and stinky farts.  Not good.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Dominant Species?

I've often thought that if aliens ever observed me and my pug they'd think she was the dominant species.  I mean I follow her around, pick up her poop, and feed her yummy treats.  What does she do for me in return?  Nothing.  I'm essentially her human servant and will continue to carry out my doodie duties (hehe) for my lil pug.

Saturday, September 10, 2011


Pre-pug, I enjoyed a good rainy day every now and then, but this past week was so rainy and cloudy I almost forgot what it felt like to see the sun.  And having a dog in this weather just plain ol sucks.  The ground could never dry since it rained nonstop and the sun was never out and so my apartment was filled with muddy paw prints and stunk like wet pug (which is worse than wet dog because pugs have such strong natural odors).  I feel like September is when the rain picks up a bit, and the sun and humidity comes and goes.  This is when I feel a bit torn in that I can't wait for the humid sticky summer to end, but I'm kinda sad the summer fun is coming to an end.  I blame the years of school calendars for this feeling each September.  But at least we have the fall to look forward to - I do love the fall!

Boundaries (Ha! What are those?)

This week's Illustration Friday theme is "boundaries."  Uh yeah, I totally tried to set boundaries with my pug when I first got her a year ago and slowly those boundaries got pushed back more and more until they disappeared.  Now my couch is demolished from my pug's hair and licking and I wake up regularly to pug butt in my face.  Eh, that's all ok with me, although I would prefer to not have the unfun end of my pug in my face.  Why can't she spoon me like she spoons my sister?

Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Pug of Oz

August was full of strange events.  An earthquake in Virginia?!  Wtf - I did not leave the west coast for this.  The east coast has brutal summers but I at least thought I was safe from earthquakes here.  And then we had the hurricane/tropical storm.  What's next?  Tornadoes?!  Actually, I think there were tornado watches during the hurricane/tropical storm.

To be more realistic, my pug would really be more like a cross between the lion and the scarecrow, not Dorothy.

Twilight Vampire Pug

I am the Bella to my pug's Edward.  I must smell super delicious to her because lately she has been sniffing my arms and legs and licking me like crazy.  Seriously.  I think she's basting and preparing me for dinner.  It gets a bit annoying having a lil vampire pug constantly licking me but I guess I can't help it if I'm just so enticing to my pug.  On a random note, my sister and I convinced my mom to read the Twilight series which she loved until the last book which she said was, "gross."

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mysterious - Fanfurrytastic Pug

This week's Illustration Friday theme is "mysterious."  Despite misleading appearances, my pug is capable of shedding copious amounts of hair.  Her constant itchiness (allergies) doesn't help with the hair-spreading.  Seriously, you could probably make three pugs out of the hair that comes out when I furminate her.  And yet she still has enough to shed on my couch, carpet, bed, clothes and car.  I've found her hairs in the weirdest places.  At work.  On the ceiling of my car.  In my wallet.  In my food!  I don't know how all those hairs can come out of this short-haired little dog.  Mysterious indeed.

My Sister - The Little Spoon

My middle sister (mother to my pug's cousins (see here)) came to visit me and the rest of the family recently.  One morning I woke up and found my pug spooning her.  Yes, my pug was the big spoon and my sister the human was the little spoon.  I was at the same time highly amused and also kinda jealous (how come my pug never spoons me?!).  There's nothing normal about any of this.