Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Awkward & Annoying Situations Made Better with Pugs - Bumps in a Crowd

I've never been a big fan of large crowds and that's only gotten worse the older and crankier I get. There's nothing fun about being squashed among strangers as the air gets hotter and stuffier. And how disturbing is it when a stranger's sweaty body part makes contact with your back or arm?! Having lived in New York for several years I often had to put up with crazy crowds. Sometimes subway rides were so packed people couldn't hold onto any poles and so they just stood like sardines in a can and swayed with the crowd, hoping that collectively everyone could support each others weight at each jerk and turn. The only thing I could do in those situations was to put in my ear buds and go to my happy place.

But turn that into a pug crowd and you've just turned a nightmare into a dream come true! Even the word for a pug crowd is so much better and cuter - a grumble of pugs! I'd much rather be amidst a grumble of furry, squishy, snorting lil pugs.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Sunny and Rosy are getting ready for a night out on the town! Gotta make sure their hair is perfect and their tails are perfectly curled!

My sister and I used to love rolling the ears of our first pug, Cookie. If she was sleeping, they'd actually stay perfectly curled and we'd call her Martha Washington (I don't know why since I don't think she wore her hair curled like that). We used to do that all the time when we were little with our Pound Puppy stuffed animals and Cookie was our real live Pound Puppy! Man we were such weirdos.

Rosy's too finicky with her ears to do that now and Sunny's just don't hold a curl very well (I think they're too big and heavy). I should ask my sister if she does this with her current pug, Doughy.

Happy weekend everyone!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Pugling Rivalry - Rosy's Diary Entry #10 (Intruder)


Dear Diary,


There is a strange dog in our home! The human and Sunny seem unaware of the stranger or they are so frightened they're frozen in their seats. It is up to me to protect my home and family!

Rosy to the rescue!


Pugling Rivalry - Sunny's Log Entry #10 (Intruder)


Sigh, there she goes again. We can't watch a single tv show, or even a commercial, without my not-so-bright sister going ballistic and trying to attack the tv. How does she not grasp the concept of tv?! Can't she tell the dog on the tv screen isn't actually in our home? At first the human and I found it amusing, but now it's just tiresome.

I think we should lock up Rosy in another room while we watch tv, but the human doesn't seem to be on board with the idea. So I guess we'll just keep watching my idiot sister in her annoying dance of leaping and snapping at the tv. Sigh.

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Leash Struggles

I love having two pugs. But I don't really love walking two pugs at the same time.

Just this morning I had to deal with a tangled harness, a runaway pug, dirt getting kicked on me in a particularly enthusiastic post-poop kick, and a poop bag flying out of my hands when I tried to open it. My sister used to think I exaggerated in my drawings but when she visited me over the holidays she realized that everything I draw is truth! (For the most part.)  She especially gets a kick out of my "pulled apart" pose, which she refers to as my crucifixion pose.

Monday, April 21, 2014

Awkward & Annoying Situations Made Better with Pugs - Small Talk

I am the worst when it comes to small talk! I am bad with eye contact, I can never think of interesting things to talk about, I bring up topics I really shouldn't, and I can't help but use idioms that I realize halfway through I don't really know. I am capable of having normal conversations with people once I know them better, but even then there are still some people that I just don't click with and as a result our conversations continue to be awkward and stilted. I dread holiday parties and work events.

But I have never met a pug that I didn't love and there is never any awkward conversation or weird lulls. It's either filled with happy talk or comfortable, content silence (although pugs are rarely silent).

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Pugling Rivalry - Rosy's Diary Entry #9 (Cars)


Dear Diary,

Everyone always complains about how I'm the bad one on walks because I don't get along with a lot of other dogs. It's not that I don't like other dogs, I just don't like big stranger dogs interrupting our peaceful walks! But the truth is that the real naughty one on our walks is Sunny. That's right. SUNNY.

Today I was taking care of business (you know what I mean ;)!) and suddenly the human and I were yanked to the side because Sunny was pulling at her leash trying to chase after a car. Ugh! Sunny's so selfish! When she has to take care of her business the human and I have to chase after her as she runs around trying to find the perfect spot (she's so picky too!). But when it's my turn, Sunny's always pulling the human in another direction or trying to chase after cars.

I finished my business in the end but I gotta tell you, something doesn't feel quite right.  It just starts the morning off wrong!

I don't understand what's the big deal about cars.  They're not really alive and they never go on the grassy areas where we are.  Not like big strange dogs!

Frowny face,

Pugling Rivalry - Sunny's Log Entry #9 (Cars)


Once again I have protected the human and Rosy from the huge roaring beasts called "cars" that often edge along our land. Rosy's so clueless. She was actually pooping when this attack occurred! I had to rush to defend ourselves and chase away the beasts. I really can't rely on her for help when it comes to important matters like this.

Wherever there is danger, I'll be there.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Awkward & Annoying Situations Made Better with Pugs - The Long Hallway

Don't you just hate it when you see someone you know at the end of a long hallway or street? When do you acknowledge each other's presence? When do you say hi or wave? Should you pretend you have to stop and tie a shoelace or duck into another room? All these worries are wiped away if you replace the approaching casual acquaintance with cute lovey dovey pugs!

I am the queen of awkward social situations and am a big ol grump when it comes to having to deal with most people. So I think I'll embrace the humor of my flaws and do a series on my blog (in addition to Pugling Rivalry) called "Awkward and Annoying Situations Made Better with Pugs." This is the first installment, "The Long Hallway." This is something near and dear to me as I encounter this situation everyday because my workplace consists of a super duper long hallway and I work at one end of it.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Pugling Rivalry - Sunny's Log Entry #8 (Squish)


I've mentioned before the importance of getting quality sleep in my old age.  Well, not only does Rosy disrupt my sleep in the mornings when she wakes up first, she also has this annoying habit of squishing against me and draping her paws over me when we nap. Rude!

Rosy has no respect for her older sister. How would she like it if I constantly squished against her and draped myself over her? Maybe I will do just that and teach her a lesson. Then she'll realize how irritating it is and stop.

Pugling Rivalry - Rosy's Diary Entry #8 (Squish)


Dear Diary,

OMG it happened today! Sunny snuggled close to me and then while she was half asleep she plopped her muzzle on my back. Squeeeee!!! She loves me! Sibling bonding!

Sisters by chance, friends by choice! We're going to be best friends forever and ever and ever!

Pugs and Kisses!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014


Aw yeah, sunshine and warmer weather! Sunny and Rosy are thoroughly enjoying the bright and sunny days we're finally getting now that spring has rolled in and pushed out our crazy cold winter.

I don't think there's anything that says contentment more than sleepy sunbathing pugs.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Pugling Rivalry - Rosy's Diary Entry #7 (Rain)


Dear Diary,

Not much new going on here.  Same ol, same ol.  It was a bit drizzly this morning but not too bad.  Still had fun on our morning walk!  I hope the sun comes out today though because I really wanted to sunbathe this afternoon.  Got to work on my tan before summer gets here! :)


Pugling Rivalry - Sunny's Log Entry #7 (Rain)


It's pouring outside! I was dragged out of my comfy warm bed this morning and thrust outside in the cold rain. Honestly, I don't know how we're expected to do anything in this type of weather. My paws were wet.


Unacceptable! And the wind blew huge raindrops into my eyes so I couldn't even see where I was going. This is uncurled tail down weather my friend.

Rosy of course was happily swimming around doing her business wherever she pleased. Savage.

I of course refused to do my business in such terrible inclement weather. Instead I plan on leaving a nice present for my human on the dry and warm kitchen floor.

Friday, April 4, 2014

Double Boop

Boop boop! Toot toot! Make way for the pugs!

Sunny has the more ridonkulous tongue that she's always sticking out, but Rosy has been sticking out her tongue a lot recently too! No one can resist booping their cute tongues! NO ONE.

Thursday, April 3, 2014

Ninja Pug's Apprentice

Ninja Pug is back! And this time she is showing off her moves in front of her apprentice. This particular move is called the starfish attack. The apprentice has much to learn.

More adventures to follow...

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Spring Days

After a terrible spring intro with high winds, nonstop rain, and a bit of snow, we are all very happy to be entering into more mild spring weather!

I recently finally made the plunge and bought a drawing tablet (Wacom Intuos Pen and Touch Small Tablet) and have been experimenting with it. Below are a couple more I did with my new tablet:

Spring Sunset
Game of Snorts
I've discovered that nothing beats putting pen to paper for drawing, but I'm enjoying using it for coloring and enhancing pictures. It takes some getting used to though. I've been using the tablet with Corel Painter Essentials. Corel Painter offers the closest real life experience for using various mediums. I would've gotten a better version of Corel Painter, but (I'm almost too embarrassed to say this) I discovered I have an outdated Windows platform (Vista!). I only really use my computer for internet stuff so I totally forgot what platform I had and now it's gotten to the point where I'll probably get a new one sometime soon so what's the point of updating it now. Anyways, long story short - I'm having fun with my new Wacom tablet with Corel Painter Essentials. I'll still do black & white as my main style (color takes a lot longer and I'm so impatient) but I'll be experimenting more with color.

Pugling Rivalry - Sunny's Log Entry #6 (Infection)


Horror upon horrors - I am cursed with an ear infection! I am now subjected to regular attacks by the human with those terrible ear drops. I try not to show weakness in front of Rosy but I can't resist scratching my itchy ear. Hopefully this ailment will pass quickly and I'll return to good health soon.

Pugling Rivalry - Rosy's Diary Entry #6 (Infection)


Dear Diary,

Uh oh! Sunny's got an ear infection! Her scratching and head shaking all the time is so annoying so I'll be glad when it's gone. Plus I love munching on her wonderfully velvety ears! I hope ear infections aren't contagious - I can't stand having any drops put into my ears and will clench them shut!

I wonder how Sunny's ear got infected???