Friday, October 30, 2015

Halloween Costume Tip

Sunny and Rosy know what's the most important thing about Halloween - THE TREATS.

I've never been a fan of "sexy" Halloween costumes.  They often look ridiculous and uncomfortable.  And I'm all about comfort and what will let me eat as much as I want without a button or seam bursting.

My all-time favorite (and most comfortable) Halloween costume was when I dressed up as a Never Nude.  If you don't know what that is, Google "Arrested Development" "Tobias Funke" and "Never Nude."  I wore a Never Nude t-shirt (basically a regular white t-shirt with a Never Nude logo and motto that my friend got for me as a joke present) and cut-off denim shorts with sweatpants over them.  When I entered the party, I took off my coat and sweatpants.  This was during peak Arrested Development popularity and yet only one person at the party got what I was.  We were in a group chatting when he stopped talking and shouted out, "Are you a Never Nude?!  That's awesome!"

I hope that you all enjoy your Halloween, getting dressed up and going trick-or-treating or to parties, but remember the most important part of this holiday is to eat as much candy and treats as you can possibly stuff your face with.

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Catch a Leaf on Your Tongue

The leaves from my maple trees are starting to change color and drop.  This is my favorite time of fall because the air is crisp, the foliage is beautiful, and there's nothing for me to do other than admire the change of seasons.  This will soon be followed by annoyance and rage at the massive amount of leaves that will fall and that I'll have to clean up and somehow get to my curb for the annual leaf vacuum by the county. 

I also love this time of the year because Sunny will often pick up a stray leaf on her tongue while we're out walking.  I can't believe I haven't managed to capture a photo of this!  But, every time I see it, I get distracted pointing and laughing at her and then by the time I remember to pull my phone out of my pocket (I love wearing coats in the fall - pockets!!), a breeze has carried the leaf away or she's slurped it and either dropped it or swallowed it.  One day, I promise you, I will get a photo of it! 

I mean look at this tongue.  It's always sticking out.  Of course things are going to get stuck on it!
I had some colored pens in my bag so I thought it would be fun to add a bit of color to the leaves.  They look a bit neon here because I always have to tweak my photos since the notebook's paper is slightly yellow.

Here's the maple tree in my front yard from this weekend.  It's just starting to change colors.  So pretty!  I have a love/hate relationship with my trees.
This was from last fall.  It looks pretty, but you can already see the leaves starting to pile up.
And some frolicking in the leaves last fall.  Both my pugs love running through the crunchy leaves, but Rosy especially loves it!
Ugh.  The leaves.  THE LEAVES.  So many.  I can't even.

Friday, October 2, 2015

Rain + Stubborn Pugs = Frowny Face

Ugh. Rain. So much rain. Such stubborn pugs. Bah!

This morning Sunny launched a poop strike. I expected it and thought I was prepared for it, but I'm no match for a stubborn pug.

After a few minutes outside, Rosy did her thang and so I let her back inside. But Sunny. Oh Sunny. We were outside for 30 minutes. 30 long minutes.

I was determined to outlast Sunny, to hold firm. But she won. I was already late to work and Sunny looked so pathetically sad with her head and tail hanging low. Plus she wouldn't move. At all. As soon as Sunny was inside, her tail curled up and she pranced about the house in victory. I'm sure she'll leave a consolation prize for me on the floor when I get back home.


I hope my neighbors didn't see my mini meltdown when I stomped my feet and shouted "JUST POO ALREADY!" But at least it inspired today's drawing. I forgot to draw shadows and actual ground but I didn't realize it until after I edited the photo, so *shrug*.