Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Pugling Rivalry - Rosy's Diary Entry #13 (Disturbance)


Dear Diary,

I am soooo tired!  Every night just as I'm sound asleep for my evening nap Sunny wakes me up with her spastic barking!  Sometimes she just growls, but most of the time she jumps stares out the window barking her head off.  I mean there's nothing out there!  Maybe she needs to get her eyes checked since she's practically ancient.  Or maybe she needs to get her brain checked out.  She's totally losing it.


Thanks for letting me vent,

Pugling Rivalry - Sunny's Log Entry #13 (Disturbance)


Sometimes at night I see things.  Things no one else seems to see.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Pugling Rivalry - Sunny's Log Entry #12 (Shedding)


Unfortunately, Rosy and I were subjected to a bath this past weekend. Sigh. And to add insult to injury, we had our nails trimmed too. How am I supposed to repel Rosy's obnoxious attacks if my nails are shortened and dulled?!

Rosy keeps making a fuss about the fur I'm shedding, but I think it's unnatural that she doesn't shed much. Where's her winter coat that she should be discarding now? No wonder she's always so cold in the winter if all she has is her measly single coat of fur. This is just another example of how I'm superior to her, as I have a beautiful plush coat that adjusts for the seasons.

Pugling Rivalry - Rosy's Diary Entry #12 (Shedding)


Dear Diary,

OMG furplosion! Sunny is shedding like crazy! It's hard to take her seriously when she's rolling around like a giant furball! ROFL!

But seriously, it's getting out of control! You don't know how many times I've gotten a stray hair in my eye or nose and there's fur on all my stuff! It also makes drumstick attacks a little tricky since there nothing worse than coughing up a pug hairball. Blech!


Monday, May 19, 2014

Furry Mood Boosters

This is pretty much my daily routine when I come home. I'm almost always crabby from work and commuting (I also apparently talk like an old person lately, using words like "crabby," "doohickey," and "smut") and sometimes my pugs manage to make me smile right away and sometimes it takes a little longer. But no matter what, they always cheer me up eventually! My little, shedding, demanding, stinky mood boosters!

Wednesday, May 14, 2014


Ever have one of those periods where just day-to-day living is exhausting? I'm feeling kinda like that lately. Part of it is I've been busy at work, another part is my sleep schedule is wacky, another part is that I feel stuck in a rut, and another part is that I'm just by nature super lazy with some things and freakishly obsessed with other things.

I'm basically a pug but I don't have someone to take care of everything for me and pamper me. Sunny and Rosy don't know how good they have it!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Awkward and Annoying Situations Made Better with Pugs - Cut Off in Traffic

This isn't really awkward, but it sure is annoying. I can get pretty bad road rage and nothing drives me crazy like when a car abruptly cuts me off. This is especially annoying if they didn't even have the courtesy to signal. I'm not a big honker, except in emergencies or to alert someone, but I am a big fan of yelling and shaking my fist, or making eye contact and shaking my head at them in a disapproving manner. I had to censor what I'd normally be shouting since my niece and nephew like to look at my drawings.

But replace that annoying and rude driver with some pugs and the situation becomes so much better! Make way for puglings!

Sunny and Rosy love cutting me off all the time and I've ran into them or almost stumbled more times than I can count. But every time that happens I end up apologizing profusely to my pug and getting cuted out by her confusion and anxious tail wag (you'd think by now they would have figured out that cutting across my path leads to bad scary bumps, but no, each time they're mystified as to what happened).

[Random note: Every day I regret having gotten a black fabric interior car. I bought it before I got Sunny and Rosy, but if I could do it again I would have definitely gotten one with a light and/or leather interior!]

Monday, May 5, 2014

What Separation Anxiety?

Pugs are serious lap dogs. My two are happiest when they're with me and somehow making bodily contact. Sunny is generally more laid back, but Rosy has separation anxiety, which was really bad when I first got her. She used to scratch at my door whenever I left (which I did not love) and follow me room to room (which I love). Anytime I leave my apartment now I give them "goodbye treats" in separate corners and then dart out the door as quickly as possible, hoping I haven't forgotten something that'll require a return (accompanied by a major guilt trip from the pugs). That's helped a lot but I know that Sunny and Rosy would still prefer to be with me 24/7 forever and ever.

Friday, May 2, 2014

Pug Clique

Happy Friday!!!

Just a simple drawing today of some snooty clique-y pugs. I noticed that while Sunny loves everyone, she gets more excited meeting other pugs or smushed face dogs. Rosy gets riled up by most dogs but she usually gets along ok with some smaller dogs (though I can never tell what makes some good and some bad). Her absolute favorite is a pomeranian that lives on my floor who I'm sure she'd like to make pugeranians with if she could. Once a dog is on her bad list though, that dog is on that list for good!

Rosy can be such a mean girl! Stop trying to make fetch happen Rosy!...I'm tired of repeatedly throwing your toy.

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Pugling Rivalry - Rosy's Diary Entry #11 (Begging)


Dear Diary,

There's only one thing I love more than my toys and Sunny, and that's FOOD! I will do anything for a bite of deliciousness, especially human food deliciousness! It just seems totally unfair that humans get to eat so many different things with fun flavors and textures and then they feed us boring ol dog food.

What is this chocolate that they keep talking about and yet refuse to share with us?! What about sharing some of that yummy smelling garlic and onions getting stir-fried on the stove top?! Feed me grapes like I'm a queen!

Sunny is terrible at begging and just sits in the kitchen doing nothing. WRONG. You have to be loud and aggressive - remind the human that you're there and you want that food! The squeaky wheel gets the oil and I'm always the squeakiest wheel in the kitchen! I also like to make my presence known by digging my little paws into the human's legs, triggering certain pressure points to help persuade the human to feed me. That always gets the human's attention and she'll dance around while making excited noises.

Every day is a new opportunity to eat more delicious things. Challenge accepted!


(Human editor's note: Sunny and Rosy do not get fed chocolate, garlic, onions, grapes, or other human foods that are bad for dogs.)

Pugling Rivalry - Sunny's Log Entry #11 (Begging)


Rosy's young and foolish, as many pups are. She simply bulldozes her way around without any grace. There is an art to begging that requires patience and subtlety.

Rosy can whine, jump around, and paw at the human's legs all she wants. I know the true secrets to getting the good stuff - sit in the human's line of vision and give your best, most pathetic-looking slump and sad face. If needed, add a cute tongue sticking out and/or uncurl the tail.

Works every time.