Tuesday, January 26, 2016

What To Do With Your Pug When It's Snowing

It never fails.  Every first snowstorm, Sunny gets even more stubborn than usual and refuses to do anything outside.  I lay down pee pads indoors and she just sits on them.  I take her back outside and she just stands there with her tail down.

Rosy does her business quickly because she gets that the faster she does it the faster she gets to go back inside.  But Sunny either doesn't get it or just doesn't care.  It's like it's a matter of principle.  She won't go.  Doesn't matter if I dress her up warmly, put booties on her delicate lil paws, or shovel her an elaborate racetrack or maze in my backyard.  She will hold it in for as long as possible until I start to worry about what must be going on inside her.

This snowzilla blizzard was no different and she went the first 24 hours without pooping.  Luckily, she eventually went outside and we avoided any accidents in the house.  After the first day with snow, she gets better but it never gets easy.  I still have to follow her and nudge her to walk to make sure she goes.  While all my neighbors' dogs are frolicking in the snow, Sunny (and, to a certain extent, Rosy) are begging to go inside so that they can snuggle on the sofa.  They're definitely "special" dogs.

And here are some photos of Sunny and Rosy "enjoying" the snow.

The first day started off with light snow and the girls were miserable and refused to do anything in the backyard.
When that didn't work, I got out new sweaters (mostly to keep their fur from getting wet) and put on some booties, hoping they'd feel comfortable enough to go during a walk.
They were not pleased.  But at least it kind of worked.
The next day was the height of the storm and Sunny refused to go but Rosy happily obliged.  (For the record, Rosy does not poop butterflies.)
Once the storm ended, the first thing I did (before even digging out my car) was shovel a racetrack in the backyard for the pugs.
Sunny finally went after digging into the snow until her paws got encrusted with dirt and grass.  Smh.
The pugs started to get restless with their racetrack...
So I extended it into an awesome maze.
Sigh.  So much snow.  Such demanding pugs.  Such a crazy pug lady.