Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Drumstick Day

Hope everyone has a happy drumstick day!
Or maybe you're like Sunny and prefer the wing instead?

Friday, November 22, 2013

Me and My Shadows

One of the reasons why I chose to adopt pugs is because they are the ultimate velcro dogs. My first pug, Cookie, used to walk so closely behind me her sweet lil flat face would smoosh against the back of my calves all the time. I thought Sunny was a velcro pug, but if she is then Rosy must be a gorilla glue pug!

Some people may not like having a dog that follows them from room to room, watches them pee and shower, constantly trips them, and lays on or next to them whenever they sit. But not me - I love it! You can never be lonely when you have a pug.

I love my lil shadows.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Lazy, Snoozy Pugs

Yesterday was an epic lazy day for me and the girls. They slept all day! From bed to couch to bed, with occasional bathroom and food breaks.

I think my pugs are entering into hibernation mode.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yay, You're Home!!!!

One of the best things about having dogs is the welcome home you get after a long day at work.  It doesn't matter how bad things are, my two wriggly, ecstatic pugs always make me smile from the moment I slowly open the door and see their eager faces trying to push their way out!  (Unless they've left me a "surprise" to clean up when I get home - then that happiness quickly changes into grumpiness.)

Sunny likes to jump, give my face huge stinky kisses, and then she'll often run to go suck on her favorite toy (when she gets super excited she always needs her toy!).  Rosy likes to hop up on her two back legs all while maintaining a constant wriggle of her butt and helicopter tail.  Sometimes they act like they really just can't contain their joy and are about to burst into fireworks, balloons, and confetti.  I imagine their excitement is akin to a kid's first trip to Disneyland/Disneyworld, first bite of cake, or first peek at a filled Christmas stocking from Santa.  Except for my two pugs, this is the rush of emotions they get every single day and every single time I open the door (whether it's from coming home from work, or coming back after taking the trash out down the hallway).

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Harness "Fun"

Can I let you in on a little secret Internet people? I hate harnesses. I hate the slide over the head and the step in kinds. I hate them all! I know that if you've used harnesses you must have encountered at least one of these "fun" moments. 

I have two pugs and so I know harnesses are better to use and I do use them, but I still dislike them. I feel like it's such an ordeal to put them on and I've messed it up quite a few times. It doesn't help that Sunny acts like I'm torturing her. 

At least Rosy doesn't mind but that's because the only way I can get it on that spastic lil one is to pick her up and slide it over her legs. She loves the hugs and kisses and will even do a lil hop when I hover over her with my hands hanging down to help get into my arms! Of course this means the right front side of my coat has permanent pug musk and hairs in it. 

But for Sunny it's an unpleasant task that she barely tolerates. I guess it doesn't help that the first time I put one on her I put it on upside down and couldn't figure out what was wrong until I tried attaching a leash and noticed there was no link on top. 
We now use Lupine's step in harness which is our favorite of the ones we've tried. I mean, it's the lesser of the necessary evils for us. 

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Brrrrr November!

Why is it so cold already? Winter, don't you dare take November from us! Go away and don't come back until December or January at the earliest!

Now that it's suddenly gotten so cold, I'm so glad I invested in some fabulous pug heating units. They require constant maintenance and upkeep but there's nothing that will keep you as warm and toasty as a fluffy lil pug. There have been times during the winter when I've woken up overheated from my two hot pugs draped over me. And they work as excellent hand and feet warmers, especially their chubby hot water bottle-like bellies and the pocket of toasty goodness in between their drumsticks and sides. These heating units work great 24/7, but they really warm up when you put them in sleep mode!