Wednesday, May 31, 2017


I'm so excited to share the cover for my first book, PUG PALS: TWO'S A CROWD, that will be published by Scholastic in Spring 2018.

As you may recall, almost a year ago I posted my book deal announcement here. The series has been renamed from Pugling Rivalry, but the story has remained the same. Part of why I haven't been posting as much on my blog is that I've been super busy putting together the story and illustrations for my book. There was a steep learning curve in this process. Illustrating for a chapter book is very different from illustrating for a blog or social media posts. And I also was learning how to use Photoshop and a Cintiq, as all of the final illustrations were done digitally.

So you can imagine how rewarding it feels to finally see it all coming together at long last. And without further ado, the cover!