Thursday, July 26, 2012

Pee Mail

Often when Sunny is taking FOREVER to sniff every inch of grass in the morning I wonder what it must be like to smell the way she does.  I've heard of the phrase "pee mail" before and usually my mind immediately jumps to little letters dotted all around the grass with messages for Sunny from the other dogs.  And sometimes she comes across a really good letter and can't stop rereading it.  Eventually Sunny "mails" her own letter for other dogs and we can finally head inside.  Of course I'm always running late due to all this pee mail business but how can I deny Sunny from keeping up to date with her correspondence?


  1. There are so many things I like about this one, but my favorite is how you captured the "face plant" pugs have to do in order to smell things on the ground!

  2. I love...I mean love your work. If you are not selling it, you should.

  3. Payton, I love the "face plant," also the "pug butt tuck and run."