Meet The Original Sunny & Rosy

When I first got my pug she came with her two (then current) favorite toys - a large green dino and, oddly enough, Po, the kung fu panda.  While I found it hilarious that one of her favorite toys was a kung fu panda, I thought it was too large for her to lug around and I wanted something I could buy in bulk and easily replace.  
And so her collection of toys grew.
One of the newer additions was a berber orange bunny.  Soon, the bunny became her favorite and most prized toy.  Or should I say friend?  

While other friends come and go...
She remains true to her orange bunny. 

Naturally my drawings kept turning into cartoons of my lil pug, but she needed a buddy with her on all the adventures.  I looked at my lil pug for inspiration as she was nursing on her orange bunny and knew then that her buddy in life and in my drawings would be the bunny.
Update: At the end of October 2012 Rosy joined our family making us a two-pug household!  
Sunny at first wasn't thrilled with the newbie, and some days she still feels like that, but they are getting along pretty well now.  Sunny is even more active than before and they get in many play/fights.  But Sunny always wins all toy tug of war games, especially if it involves her orange bunny!