Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

I've been feeling WTF lately about many things. Whiskey tango foxtrot. Bah humpug!

Friday, November 13, 2015

Fashion Show

There are many promises I made to myself before adopting my pugs that I have since broken. I never intended to let my pugs lay on my brand new fabric couch, and now I've switched to all leather furniture and we camp out on the sofa together all the time. I never intended to let them onto my bed, and now I often wake up to a pug butt in my face with another pug snuggled next to me under the duvet.

But I really thought I'd hold to my last promise - to not become a crazy dog lady who dresses up her pugs. Nope. Sorry. Broken.

I've now moved beyond dressing my pugs in functional coats and sweaters for the cold weather and have bought mohawk hoodies, costumes, and even onesies. Yes, I am that crazy pug lady. And I accept that.

Today I ordered three more onesies. Yaaassssss. 

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Ugh Bugs!

This weekend I found the first ever tick on Sunny.  It was traumatic.  Not for her, but for me.  We were at my parent's house with my sister and her family and I was rubbing Sunny's belly with my nephew.  I noticed a weird gray bump on her neck waddle and said, "What's that?  Is it moving?"  My nephew leaned in close and said, "It's moving!  It's moving!"  Chaos ensued.

Luckily, my brother-in-law was there to expertly pull out the tick, intact, with a pair of tweezers.  It was still wriggling and he put it in a plastic bag so that I could show the vet.  We then cleaned Sunny's bite wound and I called my vet in a panic.  My niece ran away and my nephew was hopping around the room shouting, "This is scary fun!  Scary fun!"

I took Sunny to the vet and her bite wound looks good and she appears to be doing okay.  But, I have to keep my eye out for any symptoms of lyme disease over the next few months.  We'll have her blood tested in January to be sure as it's too early to test it now.  I also switched both Sunny and Rosy from Frontline Plus to Nexgard.

I HATE HATE HATE all insects, spiders, ticks, etc.  All creepy crawlies!  I just want winter to come to kill all the bugs or at least make them disappear.  We should be beyond tick season!  And then as an icing on top of the cake, I saw a spider on my car today.  Luckily it was outside, but even speeding along the highway the spider clung onto my windshield wiper.  I sprayed my entire car with peppermint oil (I keep a bottle of it in my car just for this purpose), but it's probably still there right now, laughing at me and having millions of babies and making itself at home in my car.

P.S. I am using the term bugs to include all creepy crawlies such as spiders, ticks, mites, etc.  My hatred is not limited to just insects.

Here are some pics from the vet visit and our happy return home. Sunny was a trooper and she's very popular at the vet. And she lost a pound since her last weighing in April!