Friday, July 27, 2012


Not to be a Debbie Downer on a Friday but this week's Illustration Friday topic is "Lonely" and so of course this drawing isn't going to be sunshine and roses.

My mind immediately jumped to shelter dogs and how sad, lonely, and confused they must feel sitting in their caged rooms. Modern dogs have mostly been bred to be companions to humans so it must be especially heartbreaking for them to be stuck in these cold rooms filled with strange dogs and with no affection. My sister rescued a pug from a high kill shelter once and I remember her telling me about how the pug sat facing one wall and leaning against another with her eyes closed, almost like she'd given up. That image has stuck with me since then. So for all of you who have rescued a pet, Sunny and I thank you!

Sheesh sorry I didn't mean to get all sad Sarah McLachlan SPCA commercial on you! I promise I have a happy drawing coming up later today!


  1. :-( Wonderful illustration though...and a very important topic / message to spread!

  2. It is so sad to think about all the shelter dogs in cages. Hopefully more people will adopt.

  3. Aww heck! I know firsthand because I've done a lot of shelter volunteering. People ask how people can do it but if you can help even one find a new home you have to try. But of course there are other ways to be involved like donating needed items or money. Ah, such a sad picture!

  4. Oh! So sad, but your illustration definitely hit right to the heart of the topic. Well done!

  5. We love your drawings - this one really sticks with me though. I am hoping to be able to rescue a senior pug in the near future. Give Jaco a grandparent and let some old lady or fella have as wonderful a life as is possible.