Sunday, July 8, 2012

Pugs and Kisses - Happy Gotcha Day Sunny!

Yesterday was Sunny's second gotcha day anniversary!  Two years ago on July 7th, I picked her up and welcomed her into my home and heart.  We celebrated yesterday with some yummy human food treats and if you're in the mood for seeing lots of pictures of a chubby pug chowing down on random food check out my Lil Smug Pug post here!  I think Sunny thoroughly enjoyed yesterday, but now I think she expected the same treats this morning.  Hmm, I hope I didn't create a bad habit...

Happy Gotcha Day (yesterday) Sunny!


  1. I always do that to Ziutek! Kiss his wrinkly forehead!! :)

  2. I loved your smugmug pics! Congratulations to you and Sunny for having each other for 2 years!