Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Sunny and Rosy hope everyone has a great Halloween with lots of treats! And they want to remind everyone that while your dog can't have any chocolate, there are lots of other kinds of treats you can give them (their current favorites are Primal Pet Food's liver treats that BarkBox introduced to us recently). Who says only humans should get treats today???

This is the drawing for October in my new 2014 calendar (link here).

I didn't get costumes for the girls, but I did whoop out Sunny's old koala hat!
They both hated wearing it. I managed to get them to sit still for a couple seconds and then they would start rubbing their head to pull it off. When I put it on Sunny, Rosy got crazy excited and wouldn't stop harassing her. But then it was Rosy's turn haha!

Happy Halloween!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Poop Strike

For those wondering what a poop strike looks like, it pretty much looks just like this but without the signs.

Sunny hunches over and looks super sad (sometimes she stares directly into my eyes as though trying to telepathically will me to take them inside) and Rosy keeps looking up at me hopefully and prances in whatever direction she thinks I want to go to but still refuses to poop.

I've been having a crappy week. Monday - Sunny pooped in my apartment; Tuesday - Rosy stepped in Sunny's poop outside; Wednesday - 30 minute poop strike by Sunny finished with the amazing feat of accidentally tying the poop bag around the loop at the end of my umbrella. I had to tear apart the bag outside and then use scissors inside to get the remaining knot out (I tie my poop bags super tight apparently). Can't wait to see what the rest of the week holds in store for me.

Monday, October 28, 2013

Autumn Dance

The girls and I love fall! It's cool and crisp, without being so cold that your bones are shivering. And fall means holidays coming up, warm comforting foods to eat, and cozy days and nights with two chub chub warm pugs. See how happy they are?  Look at them dance!

This is one of the new drawings I did for my 2014 calendar.  This is for the month of November, which is just around the corner!  You can buy the Bah Humpug 2014 calendar *here* and if you use the code 2014CALENDAR you can get 30% off through October 31st.

Sunday, October 27, 2013

Bah Humpug 2014 Calendar

I did my first calendar for my Zazzle store (Bah Humpug Zazzle Store)! The 2014 calendar has all new drawings, except for the cover and back which are my Hoodie Pugs and Pug Bundles/Burritos drawings. You can see the Bah Humpug 2014 calendar by clicking the link *here* and below are a few of the months' drawings.

April - all this rain makes for very sad pugs.

June - These bathing beauties are ready for swimsuit season.
July - It's very important for pugs to stay cool during the hot summer days.

September - Back to school pugs!
The calendar is generally non-denominational. I'm also updating the store to include some of these monthly drawings on other items.  And if you use the code 2014CALENDAR you can get 30% off all calendars through October 31, 2013!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pug Bundles (aka Pug Burritos)

Brrrrr! I don't know about where you live but here in the DC area it's super cold today! I'm all for fall weather but this feels more like winter. And I refuse to wear my winter coat because it is still fall! So now I'm freezing. Of course that didn't stop me from getting ice cream at the cookie truck this afternoon (the special flavor was pumpkin!).

If it's cold where you are I hope you are staying warm like these lil pug bundles (or pug burritos, if you prefer)!

Thursday, October 24, 2013


My two pugs are terrible on walks. They're constantly running around each other and then behind and around me so their leashes get nice and tangled. And if there's a lamp post in our path, you can be sure that they'll want to go in different directions around it. Sunny's also a fan of just planting her bottom when she doesn't want to move and Rosy loves to lunge towards things she loves/hates. Sigh.

But my walks with them are still some of my favorite moments of the day! (Except during Hurricane Sandy - that was no fun for any of us.)

P.S. The eyes are a bit wonky here because my pen decided to die on me and the nib disappeared into the pen. Time for new art supplies!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Little Things in Life

 Sometimes it's good to remind yourself to appreciate the little things in life like enjoying the feel of the wind in your hair/fur/ears.

Or, in my case, catching a glimpse of my pug's happy lil gremlin face in my rear view mirror! Rosy loves car rides so much and every time I see her with her muzzle tilted just over the window with her eyes closed I can't help but smile. She's now figured out how to open the windows so when I want to keep them closed I have to lock them!
Sunny usually just quietly sits or sleeps during our car drives but I had to add her to my drawing, even if she is just in the background!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Ready For Fall Weather?

Sunny and Rosy are! Though they may not be happy about it.
Well at least Rosy looks happy in her hoodie.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Halloween Cards

It's a little early for Halloween drawings, but I did a few for cards in my Zazzle store and so wanted to do a post about them. 

The first one below is a play on the black cat with the arched back image. I wish I could do more black pug drawings but I need color to do it properly (e.g., markers, paint) and usually I just have my moleskine and pen with me. 
You can find a card with this image here at Trick and Treat CardBlack Pug Halloween Card.

I did a drawing of this trio a while ago ("Scary" Monster Pugs) but the drawing wasn't the best quality and so I wanted to update it this year. Below we have a werepug, a ghost pug, and a vampug!
You can find a card with this image here at Halloween Pug Monsters Card.

And last, I did a more unconventional type of card with some pug specific humor. Pugs will do anything for food but if they can do it with minimal effort they will!  The first image is on the front and the second image is inside.
You can find a card with these images here at Trick and Treat Pug Card.

I'll add more Halloween cards for next year, but I probably won't have time to add more before this year's Halloween. I plan on adding more holiday specific stuff in the next month or two so keep an eye out at my Zazzle store, Bah Humpug!

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Vacation Cycle for a Crazy Pug Lady

This past weekend I went to New York to visit a friend. Another friend lives in New Jersey so I was able to see both of them and we had a great time! I was sad to say bye to Sunny and Rosy, but I knew my parents would take great care of them. I find that I go through the same cycle where I plan a trip and get excited, but right before and in the beginning I worry about the girls. Then I have a great time (it is nice being free from constant pug fur and dog-related obligations) and tell myself I should take more trips until near the end when I miss the girls and stare at photos of them in my phone. And once I'm reunited I don't want to travel again and just want to lounge with the girls. I wish I could bring the girls with me everywhere I go!

This trip I ended up latching onto my friend's cat. I felt like Elmyra from Tiny Toons, constantly following her around and trying to pet her. She's much friendlier than most cats, but I'm so used to my two pugs who are total velcro dogs so I'm sure Fat Baby thought I was a crazy needy freak. Anyways, I'm excited for my next trip but for now I'm just enjoying being back home with the girls.

Here's some photos of my trip from the moment I left the girls with my parents to the night I picked them up. I'll try to do a more detailed post on my regular blog, Lil Smug Pug (I know I've been totally neglecting that one and my food blog!) on my NY visit. In case you couldn't tell from the photos below, my friends and I take food very seriously.