Sunday, October 23, 2011

We Made Our Beds... we're laying on them.  For some reason I'm on an old office kick.  I guess with one drawing it just kick started some memories and old jokes.  One of my former coworkers and I were so sad and tired one day in the office we rested our heads on our binders.  The binders that took so much of our time, sweat and tears.  We started to crack up at the idea that we were laying our heads on our instruments of torture.  Yes, humor gets twisted in a twisted work environment.


  1. This is not an accurate representation of the piles in your office! And where is your collection of FedEx boxes?!

  2. Haha true true but I think it would take way too long to accurately depict all of the piles! The FedEx boxes were under my desk so that I could use them as foot rests!