Wednesday, October 26, 2011

A Brief Bio

I wanted to do a brief bio of my life and how (and why) I started this blog.  I'll put this in a new about page too.  So if you've ever wondered, who is this crazy grumpy girl who is so obsessed with her pug and has poor perspective/spatial concepts and inability to draw hands properly, and why is she posting such sloppy drawings on her blog?  Well, here's why...

Growing up, I loved to draw.  I was fascinated by all art forms and obsessively drew horses like any typical little girl.  My pug obsession was undiscovered at this point.
Seeing my compulsive drawing, my parents decided to enroll me in art classes where I drew and painted with watercolors boring still life.  Over and over again.  I found the classes super boring but it did help me to develop some general drawing and painting skills.  But, I started to resent my art classes and quit when I was in junior high.  In high school I wanted to start up my art classes again and I enjoyed them a lot more because this time I was going to them because I wanted to, not because I felt like I was being forced to by my parents.  I continued my focus on pencil sketches and watercolor.  Mainly still life, but I found it less dull and tried to focus on developing my pencil and watercolor skills.
I also pursued my love for animation and went to summer school at CalArts to study animation.  It was an awesome summer and I learned a lot.  But I realized that while I still love animation, I don't have the patience to do it full time.  I was also dissuaded from pursuing art any further as my parents repeatedly told me, "It's a good hobby, but you can't make any money or have a career with that.  Go to college and be a doctor or lawyer."  It was also around this time I had my first pug, Cookie.  I miss my lil Cookie monster.
Sad to say I stopped drawing and painting and went to college where I had a great time and tried to figure out what to do with my life.  I graduated, optimistic about the future and thinking of going into editing, getting a pug, and living a fabulous life.
But the job market sucked at that time and I decided to go to law school instead.  There I studied furiously and had a sinking feeling I'd made a big mistake but was already getting further and further into student debt.  
I then entered into Big Law in New York.  Nuff said.  You can see some of my "office" labeled posts if you want to see more about how it was for me.  I was pug-less and didn't have the time or space (crazy tiny apartment) for a pug.  I was very sad.
The financial crisis happened and I was stuck at a job that was slowly killing and prematurely aging me (I swear it was!).  Eventually I managed to escape into a better legal job in a different city, closer to my family.  First thing I did was get my pug Sunny :) and I was slowly getting happier.  But I also felt like something was missing.  I tried a variety of hobbies with the free time I now had (nights and weekends free?!  Woohoo!) and eventually found my way back to drawing and painting.
I decided to start this blog to post my quick drawings and paintings.  I've lost a lot of my past training from years of disuse and I'm super impatient in getting out my ideas and so my drawings are really quick.  I also decided to keep this fun for me - if I don't enjoy doing this, then it's not worth spending so much of my free time on it.  So that means no more still life.  I started just doodling and have kept my style casual and sometimes sloppy.  Maybe one day in the future I'll go back and redo and clean up some of these, but for now I am just enjoying putting pen and brush to paper, with my pug in my lap.

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