Thursday, October 20, 2011

The Rainbow Bridge

Sad to say that one of Sunny's cousins will be leaving us soon to join our other old dogs at the Rainbow Bridge.  She'll be with our much beloved first pug, chi-pom mix and chocolate lab from our collective family (sisters and myself).  My niece and nephew still talk about how much they miss their chocolate lab since that only happened within the past year.  We tell them that she's now happy in the old dog farm where she's no longer stiff and tired and can play with her friends and doggy family.  There oldness fades away, sight and hearing comes back, and arthritis is blissfully absent.  I also added some dog biscuit flowers, toys, and favorite beds of course.  The only thing missing from this perfect place is a familiar lap and petting hands.  But in the end we'll join them and be happy to shuffle off our old aches and pains as well by then.  We'll miss you Butter!


  1. butter's with her sisters now. rest in peace, sweet girl. thank you for the lovely homage.

  2. We'll all miss Butter and her teeny tiny paws, her fluffy pantaloons, and her "hatting." She's happy with her sisters now, with both eyes intact and old stiffness and senility gone.