Thursday, October 13, 2011

City Slickers Gone Apple Picking

Buzzing, bustling, big bumblebee,
Please do not think of stinging me.
Filthy, flitting, frustrating fly,
Please do not try to come buzz by.
I thought I'd try apple picking,
Instead arms and legs were kicking.
It's not like Blueberries for Sal,
I'm not a bug and nature gal.
I'll wait until it's time to go,
Now get this beetle off my toe!

I went apple picking with my niece and nephew this past long weekend and it started off great but quickly devolved as they started to get anxious over the bees, flies, and gnats. They were also getting tired from trekking up and down the hills.  So my sister sped through and gathered a huge bag while I stayed by the road with my niece and nephew, and guarded them from the flying bugs.  I just did a quick and silly rhyme and drawing for fun.  I also wanted to try out some markers.  They're fine for small stuff but for the background I should've left it white or painted it with watercolors.  And my new pen's ink totally smudges and bleeds.  Argh.

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