Sunday, October 23, 2011

Don't Push Us

Cause we're close to the edge...My friend/former coworker (let's just call her Fritillaria) and I would make ourselves feel better during really bad times at the office by thinking up the most horrid and creative ways of exacting revenge.  My preference would be to leave a slightly open jar of kimchi in the deserving person's office, maybe hidden in a vent or somewhere where they wouldn't be able to find it.  I grew up with and love kimchi, but even I will admit that it smells bad when you open up that jar.  Fritillaria's preference would be to eat a bunch of asparagus, collect her pee in a spray bottle, and then spray it on the deserving person's desk and chair.  Like so...
Don't worry, we never actually did any of this.  Well, I can at least vouch for myself.  As for what Fritillaria may, or may not have done, I cannot say with certainty.

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