Monday, October 10, 2011

Columbus Day

It's interesting that Columbus Day is still considered a federal holiday although I think in California at least, it's not widely celebrated.  I am grateful for the day off from work of course.


  1. Yeah, it's one of those confusing holidays when co-workers aren't sure if they have it off or not. I'll be working, it's not on the union holiday list :(

    Hey, thanks for the nice comment. I appreciate. I noticed on your profile page that you follow my blog but I've not seen you listed there. Maybe you follow blogs privately.

    Lots and lots of pug-posts here. I like that you treat your pug's bunny like its alive and living at your place. That's cool.

  2. Sorry to hear you didn't get Monday off! Yes, my pug dominates my life and so she ends up dominating my drawings! Plus I'm still brushing off my old drawing skills so I'm sticking to what's familiar for now.

    I've been having technical issues with Blogger and following blogs but now that you've mentioned it maybe I put my settings on following privately....hmm, I should figure that out at some point.