Thursday, December 15, 2011

Lurker at Sea in Color (Plus Block Print)

I redid Lurker in Sea (original ink drawing here) using a block print and then layering some pen lines and gouache paints.  I also did a process post here

I'm also using this for an Illustration Friday theme of "fluid" since I'm traveling and I thought this fit nicely with the theme. I also really enjoyed doing this with a block print and trying to get the waves to look as fluid as possible in their stylized way.


  1. Great job the on the waves! They look really nice. I love how the bun and pug are facing the other way with the giant whale face right beside them. This may be my favorite of all your entries so far! Very nice progress post too. (Of course my favorite bits have the real pug in them.)

  2. Holy cow, I think I missed about a million Pug Posts. sorry.

    I think I commented on the original Lurker At Sea, no? If I didn't I sure meant to.

    I really like your 'Popular' post. that was funny.

    Oh yeah; thanks for putting me on your stalker list. Neat.

    psst; you misspelled crotchety. ha ha

  3. Thanks Ted! And oops (!), I fixed your blog title!

    Thanks Cindy for your sweet comment! Haha my pug enjoyed being a part of the progress post too.