Friday, December 16, 2011


This is for the Illustration Friday topic "sink."  Sunny and bunny are sinking in the ocean as a result of an octopus-related adventure.  Sunny's tail is coveted by all, including a ginormous octopus.  Don't worry, bunny has her back and will rescue her!  At first I was going to have the octopus grabbing Sunny's leg, but I liked the image of her getting pulled down by her tail.  Makes for a much more roly poly posture too.

See the continuation of the octopus adventure in my next post here.


  1. Wonderful image! Poor Sunny! Hopefully he and his tail will get themselves out of this mess... : )

  2. Bunny to the rescue! Fantastic! xx

  3. That bunny is about to become a hero :)
    I love the movement of the water.

  4. This makes me smile! I know they'll be safe-
    Love the "roly- poly-ness!" :o)