Saturday, December 17, 2011

Octopus Defeated!

I didn't want to leave Sunny and bunny in a lurch in my last post for Illustration Friday's "sink" theme, so I decided to make a happy ending for their octopus adventure.  Sunny is grilling up some octopus while bunny is relaxing with a cocktail.  I think bunny deserves it after being a bad ass and saving Sunny's large butt.  They're a little bruised and sore, but happy to be alive and about to eat a huge feast!

I'm also using this for an Illustration Friday post for the theme "grounded" since Sunny and bunny are grounded on the beach after their ocean adventures!


  1. Haha, cute! I love Sunny's pose as he leans in to cook up the octopus arm. And bunny is chillin!

  2. I love the pug, it's really cute :)