Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Pug Chat

In honor of Pug Chat today, here's a drawing of some pugs chatting the way that they do. 

I don't usually do black pugs with my ink-only drawings because it's too hard to do right, but since we have so many different kind of pugs at Pug Chat I wanted to include them here. What do you think? Below is the drawing with just fawn pugs. 
If you want to join Pug Chat just follow HamiltonPug on Twitter and use the hashtag #pugchat! He hosts an hour long chat every Wednesday at 7pm Eastern and there's always prizes being given out at the end! Hopefully we'll see you then! 


  1. The black ones didn't turn out too well. You might need to do the black color later with a paint program and pick a dark grey color

  2. If you have an orange marker, you can paint apricot pugs! Seymour approves. :D