Friday, February 7, 2014


This is a drawing for this week's Illustration Friday topic "prehistoric." I wanted to do this drawing for several reasons:

(1) I like to do Illustration Friday when I can and if I get a good idea for the weekly topic as it often pushes me to do something outside my usual.

(2) To point out that not only does Sunny have a juicy drumstick, but she's always flaunting it!

(3) To point out that Sunny and Rosy have no real survival instincts and are scared by the stupidest things but want to attack very dangerous things like cars, big dogs, wild creatures on TV. So if faced with a dinosaur, I think there's a very good chance they would bark at it instead of running away.

(4) I pretty much only draw pugs lately, so I wanted to see if I could draw a dinosaur. Dinosaurs are hard!


  1. That's an awesome dinosaur. You did a great job.

  2. You did amazing with the dinosaur! I really love this illustration, and the pictures are too cute!<3