Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Morning Rituals

The girls and I have a regular morning ritual for weekday mornings. I wake up and get ready as they snooze some more and then as soon as I had to the kitchen Rosy jumps off my bed to follow me to "help" clean up any crumbs as I eat breakfast. Finally when it's time to go for their morning walk I go to Sunny, now awake but looking very sleepy and lazy. My bed is high, so after a morning belly rub I scoop her up in my arms and bring her out of the bedroom. The whole time she's sleepily snorting up at me as Rosy frantically hops around my legs. As soon as Sunny's four legs are on the ground Rosy goes for the first drumstick attack of the day and chaos soon erupts as the girls get excited for their walk and breakfast.

They have such different funny personalities and always help ease the pain of getting ready for work each weekday morning! (Except when they are particularly naughty or difficult during their walk! Luckily today they were in their best behavior despite the freezing rain.)

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