Friday, November 22, 2013

Me and My Shadows

One of the reasons why I chose to adopt pugs is because they are the ultimate velcro dogs. My first pug, Cookie, used to walk so closely behind me her sweet lil flat face would smoosh against the back of my calves all the time. I thought Sunny was a velcro pug, but if she is then Rosy must be a gorilla glue pug!

Some people may not like having a dog that follows them from room to room, watches them pee and shower, constantly trips them, and lays on or next to them whenever they sit. But not me - I love it! You can never be lonely when you have a pug.

I love my lil shadows.


  1. "You can never be lonely when you have a pug." so true.


  2. Love it. My pug definitely does the same. I am NEVER alone. He follows me absolutely everywhere. Luckily I love him for it! Even though I feel bad that sometimes he gets stepped on. :-/