Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Harness "Fun"

Can I let you in on a little secret Internet people? I hate harnesses. I hate the slide over the head and the step in kinds. I hate them all! I know that if you've used harnesses you must have encountered at least one of these "fun" moments. 

I have two pugs and so I know harnesses are better to use and I do use them, but I still dislike them. I feel like it's such an ordeal to put them on and I've messed it up quite a few times. It doesn't help that Sunny acts like I'm torturing her. 

At least Rosy doesn't mind but that's because the only way I can get it on that spastic lil one is to pick her up and slide it over her legs. She loves the hugs and kisses and will even do a lil hop when I hover over her with my hands hanging down to help get into my arms! Of course this means the right front side of my coat has permanent pug musk and hairs in it. 

But for Sunny it's an unpleasant task that she barely tolerates. I guess it doesn't help that the first time I put one on her I put it on upside down and couldn't figure out what was wrong until I tried attaching a leash and noticed there was no link on top. 
We now use Lupine's step in harness which is our favorite of the ones we've tried. I mean, it's the lesser of the necessary evils for us. 


  1. My pug hates her harness. She will get all excited when I bring out her leash and then she runs and hides when she sees the harness. I don't get it - surely it's more comfortable than having all the stress on just a thin collar? The most harness-related fun we've had, though, was putting on an anti-pull harness. Talk about confusing...

  2. i have a step in one
    every day it's a torture putting it on my pug
    he HAS TO bite it!!!
    he is so eager to go outside and he knows the harness is a pre-requisite, but he can't control his urge to bite it
    it usually takes me at least 3 mins to put it on

  3. I have the step through and my pug has the routine down pretty well. I put my hands through the holes where he needs to step through. My pug then jumps up and I pull arms through. Harness goes on in one second.

    My roommates on the other hand can't quite figure it out.

  4. I have a different type of harness for each of my 3 pugs. Piper hates it if you try and force it on her. If she is agreeable, she lets me slip it over her head and will lift each of her legs into it. It's an "Easy Rider" that doubles as a seat belt holder in the car (clips on top with extra loop for the belt). Jersey has a pink harness (diva that she is) that clips on the side. Ringo, my car chaser, has the only harness that I could find that he can't escape from. Subsequently, it's tight over the head, and he hates that part. As long as you thread it properly around him and clip it, he can't get out of it. Which is good because he's already had one nasty car incident (that thankfully wasn't too serious).

    I agree, harnesses are a PITA but a necessary evil. It's even a longer ordeal when knitted coats have to go over top in the winter. But OMG how cute?