Thursday, November 14, 2013

Yay, You're Home!!!!

One of the best things about having dogs is the welcome home you get after a long day at work.  It doesn't matter how bad things are, my two wriggly, ecstatic pugs always make me smile from the moment I slowly open the door and see their eager faces trying to push their way out!  (Unless they've left me a "surprise" to clean up when I get home - then that happiness quickly changes into grumpiness.)

Sunny likes to jump, give my face huge stinky kisses, and then she'll often run to go suck on her favorite toy (when she gets super excited she always needs her toy!).  Rosy likes to hop up on her two back legs all while maintaining a constant wriggle of her butt and helicopter tail.  Sometimes they act like they really just can't contain their joy and are about to burst into fireworks, balloons, and confetti.  I imagine their excitement is akin to a kid's first trip to Disneyland/Disneyworld, first bite of cake, or first peek at a filled Christmas stocking from Santa.  Except for my two pugs, this is the rush of emotions they get every single day and every single time I open the door (whether it's from coming home from work, or coming back after taking the trash out down the hallway).


  1. I so enjoy looking at your pictures and drawings of Rosy and Sunny. I lost my little pug, Woodie, almost 2 years ago and I am not able to have another dog. Your posts bring sunshine -- there's nothing cuter or sweeter than a pug!

  2. i can't agree more
    nobody would give me such a warm welcome, like he can't live without you
    but opening the door means there is 50% chance that i have to clean up the pee/shit on the floor
    his super excitement also makes me wonder if he has been bored to death while i am out, which makes me feel sorry sometimes

  3. "About to burst into fireworks, balloons, and confetti" is the perfect way to describe my dogs' reactions as well! It doesn't matter if it was a few seconds or a few hours, they still react that way, and it's adorable.