Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Putting Your Foot In Your Mouth

And now I'm back to doing idioms. As in my conversations with other people, I can never resist an idiom that pops into my head. But unlike in my conversations, I usually don't mangle the idioms in my drawings (mostly because I Google them beforehand to make sure I got them right).

So here's putting your foot in your mouth, which I do all too often, but slightly less as I get older and try to think more before speaking. Sunny also puts her foot (paw) in her mouth all the time. Literally. These late summer allergies have her licking her paws a lot.


  1. Do pugs' feet smell like Fritos? I know quite a few people with different breeds of dogs who all agree that there's a certain corn-chip "Frito feets" smell. If so, perhaps dogs like to put their paws in their mouths because of the taste! It would certainly be an advantage over the yucky (figurative) taste when we put a foot in our mouths!

  2. My pug's feet totally smell like fritos! I call them fri-toes.