Tuesday, August 28, 2012


There have been so many times I've had to pull away Sunny quickly while she's sniffing the ground or another dog's butt to avoid getting her peed on. Sometimes she's so clueless she needs my help.


  1. Ha Ha! Sequoia actually did get peed on by a German Shepard when she was sniffing the ground by the dog. Her face was worth the smelly car ride home!!!

  2. Chunky is the same way! Sometimes I think he's clueless or not so intelligent. Really he's smart and can do all kinds of tricks but he's almost been pooped on several times while sniffing around other dogs.

  3. My poor old Sassy would get peed on by my young pug, Sam! Two clueless pug makes for one that doesn't notice that he's the peer and one that doesn't notice she's the pee-ee (I guess that's how you'd say it)