Thursday, August 30, 2012

Haute Carlin Couture

This is like a combination of two great and fearsome animated enemies to animals - Cruella de Vil and Elmyra Duff from Tiny Toons. Or like a female version of Tarzan who was raised by pugs.

This is how I would do pug high fashion. Just have the designer drape a bunch of wiggly cute pugs and pug puppies on me. Then when no one's looking I run away and keep all the cute pugs for myself. I'm beginning to think I have so far crossed the crazy pug lady line I can't even see it behind me anymore.

1 comment:

  1. I used to have pug slippers! I just found your blog on Pinterest when I clicked on the adorable puggy typing away on a laptop. Yowza I love your blog!! I am owned by three pugs. I have some gratuitous pug pics on my blog, but this...THIS is a PUGAPALOOZA, a PUG-ATHON, a PUG-ALATION, a PUG-NOMENON!! Excellent!!!