Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hotel Bed Bug Check

I've already posted in the past about my bed bug paranoia here and here.  I recently visited New York for a weekend and of course did my usual bed bug paranoia routine (this is not specific to New York, I do this for all hotels because bed bugs can be anywhere!).  I always check online reviews before I book a hotel and once I'm there I always check the bed for any signs of bed bugs and keep my stuff in the bathroom.  I hate having to touch the mattress when I lift it up and I'm always so scared of what I might find.  And those decorative pillows and bed runners are so annoying.  Those immediately get tossed aside.

In an ideal world, I would wear a space suit as I do my check.  I messed up the feet here and my friend pointed out that I did pug feet!  I think whenever I draw a bulbous, plump figure, my brain and hand automatically start to draw a pug.  At least I didn't draw a curly tail.

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