Thursday, March 8, 2012

Second Pet? (skunk)

So I've been thinking again about getting a second pet.  But somehow I don't think a skunk would be a good idea.  Between the two of them I don't think I could suffer all the horrible smells.  I didn't even know people had skunks as pets until I read about it on Wikipedia.  Wtf?  My sister's old house used to have skunks wandering around the hills there.  One time I saw one squeezing it's way through a gate, eager to get into a front yard and stink it up.  Every time we'd see a little waddling black and white blob we'd shriek and roll up the car windows or run back inside the house.  I must admit they do have kinda cute waddles.  But that smell.  That smell!  Of course my lil pug is no rose either.

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