Saturday, September 10, 2011


Pre-pug, I enjoyed a good rainy day every now and then, but this past week was so rainy and cloudy I almost forgot what it felt like to see the sun.  And having a dog in this weather just plain ol sucks.  The ground could never dry since it rained nonstop and the sun was never out and so my apartment was filled with muddy paw prints and stunk like wet pug (which is worse than wet dog because pugs have such strong natural odors).  I feel like September is when the rain picks up a bit, and the sun and humidity comes and goes.  This is when I feel a bit torn in that I can't wait for the humid sticky summer to end, but I'm kinda sad the summer fun is coming to an end.  I blame the years of school calendars for this feeling each September.  But at least we have the fall to look forward to - I do love the fall!

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