Friday, September 2, 2011

Mysterious - Fanfurrytastic Pug

This week's Illustration Friday theme is "mysterious."  Despite misleading appearances, my pug is capable of shedding copious amounts of hair.  Her constant itchiness (allergies) doesn't help with the hair-spreading.  Seriously, you could probably make three pugs out of the hair that comes out when I furminate her.  And yet she still has enough to shed on my couch, carpet, bed, clothes and car.  I've found her hairs in the weirdest places.  At work.  On the ceiling of my car.  In my wallet.  In my food!  I don't know how all those hairs can come out of this short-haired little dog.  Mysterious indeed.


  1. Keep her in a zip-lock bag. Punch some air holes in it, though.

    You have an interesting drawing style.

  2. Thanks! I almost would consider putting her in a zip-lock bag! But her ninja-like hairs would slip through those air holes and make their way to every nook and cranny. It might minimize the problem at least...