Monday, September 12, 2011

Dominant Species?

I've often thought that if aliens ever observed me and my pug they'd think she was the dominant species.  I mean I follow her around, pick up her poop, and feed her yummy treats.  What does she do for me in return?  Nothing.  I'm essentially her human servant and will continue to carry out my doodie duties (hehe) for my lil pug.


  1. LOL! So true...we are puggy slaves, that's for sure! But happily so ;-)
    (and one of my boys always kicks up the grass after pooping....the other two don't. Not sure what that's all about, ha!)

  2. I agree - I am happily my pug's servant! And yes my pug loves to kick up the grass afterwards. I just make sure to move out of the way before she does!