Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Survival Skills

Rosy's been having a bit of an upset tummy lately and I'm wondering if she ate something bad for her.  She's always trying to snatch up every dropped piece of food and sometimes I catch her licking the walls and floor for even the tiniest of crumbs.  I have to step on pieces of onion and garlic that fall to the floor when I'm cooking to stop her from darting in and gobbling them up.  My pugs will try to eat anything (except for lettuce, spinach, and kale), even if it's toxic to dogs.

The alternative is that the excessive heat and humidity is affecting her.  It's crazy hot here and we're ready for summer to end.  Can't deal with all the hot humid weather (and the bugs -eek!- that come with it).

Got me thinking about how my two pugs could NEVER survive in the wild on their own.  Their current survival skills consist of making humans love them so they'll be taken care of and lead nice and pampered lives.


  1. My pug, Chunky will eat anything too. Last year he at a mini beanie baby ardvark and had to have surgery. He also hates, the rain, snow and doen't do well in the heat.

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