Friday, February 13, 2015

Love Pugs

When I first brought Rosy home and for the year that followed, I was so worried that Sunny and Rosy would never bond and that Sunny hated that I brought this hyper, crazed, drumstick-obsessed hunchback pug home. Since then, they've really bonded and I know I made the right choice in getting a second pug. But to me it always seems as though Rosy loves Sunny more than Sunny loves Rosy.

Lately I've been spying on the girls through an app called Camiocam and I was surprised to find that Sunny is almost always the snuggle aggressor! They have plenty of beds to choose from and a big ol couch with blankets, but Sunny always chooses to squeeze onto the same tiny bed as Rosy. Maybe she likes the extra body warmth, but I think the truth is that Sunny looooooves Rosy.

Sisters by chance, snuggle buddies by choice!

Hope everyone has a Happy Valentine's Day tomorrow!

And here's some evidence of the snuggling. All of the drawings above are based on actual screenshots captured via the pugcam. True story.

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