Thursday, July 31, 2014

Pug Turtle

If you follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or Tumblr then you already know that Sunny and Rosy (and I) have recently become obsessed with their new tiny turtle toys. We got one in our monthly BarkBox and at first I was disappointed with what I thought was a dinky stupid toy. I was so wrong!

The girls love the tiny turtle and will carry it around in their mouths all the  time! They also love when I throw it for them to catch. I ended up buying more turtles and have also discovered the fun of sticking the turtles in their tails as they search for it and plopping it on their heads and backs. So much turtle fun!

So in honor of our beloved tiny turtles, here's a pug turtle! Rosy's not as small as pictured in this drawing since she's become a bit of a chubb chubb lately (I've been cutting back on her food and she's slimmed down a little).

And for those who haven't seen the tiny turtle photos, behold!


  1. Hehe these are soooo cute. I might need some for my puggies!!!

  2. So cute! My dogs play with "vegetables" I was at petco for toys and they had a sale bin...but they were all vegetables. So I got onions, red peppers on a rope, broccoli and asparagus. Too funny.