Friday, July 25, 2014

Pugling Rivalry - Rosy's Diary Entry #18 (Jailed)


Dear Diary,

Woe is me!  Our home was damaged by stupid water from a sprinkler that went off several weeks ago and now every weekday we are locked in the bedroom.  No more roaming freely.  No more lounging on the big couch.  No more sunbathing while sleepily gazing out the window.  No more sniffing around the kitchen for hidden crumbs.  No more access to our ginormous toy collection.

No more fun.

Instead, we are stuck in a tiny room where the windows are covered with blinds.  This is going to lead to some terrible tan lines in our sunbathing.  And we only have a small fraction of our toys to play with during the day now. 

Sigh.  I just want our home back to normal!  This is the worst!


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