Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Leash Struggles

I love having two pugs. But I don't really love walking two pugs at the same time.

Just this morning I had to deal with a tangled harness, a runaway pug, dirt getting kicked on me in a particularly enthusiastic post-poop kick, and a poop bag flying out of my hands when I tried to open it. My sister used to think I exaggerated in my drawings but when she visited me over the holidays she realized that everything I draw is truth! (For the most part.)  She especially gets a kick out of my "pulled apart" pose, which she refers to as my crucifixion pose.


  1. I got fed up with this a year or so ago and bought one of those leash couplers:


    I hook it to a single flexi-leash (rated for a LARGE dog) and the boys have just had to get used to not being able to get more than a few feet from one another.

  2. I also have a leash coupler. It works so well. I bought a large dog one to give my pugs a little more "personal space" when walking. It makes the world of difference.