Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Awkward & Annoying Situations Made Better with Pugs - Bumps in a Crowd

I've never been a big fan of large crowds and that's only gotten worse the older and crankier I get. There's nothing fun about being squashed among strangers as the air gets hotter and stuffier. And how disturbing is it when a stranger's sweaty body part makes contact with your back or arm?! Having lived in New York for several years I often had to put up with crazy crowds. Sometimes subway rides were so packed people couldn't hold onto any poles and so they just stood like sardines in a can and swayed with the crowd, hoping that collectively everyone could support each others weight at each jerk and turn. The only thing I could do in those situations was to put in my ear buds and go to my happy place.

But turn that into a pug crowd and you've just turned a nightmare into a dream come true! Even the word for a pug crowd is so much better and cuter - a grumble of pugs! I'd much rather be amidst a grumble of furry, squishy, snorting lil pugs.


  1. I may be anti social with humans.. but i have my own herd of pugs that i snuggle as much as i can :)

  2. Oh, yes!! Until they get the Pug toots lol :)