Thursday, March 20, 2014

Pugling Rivalry - Rosy's Diary Entry #3 (Neighbor)


Dear Diary,

It wasn't my fault!!

Today this chihuahua kept staring and making mean faces at me as we tried to exit the building for our morning walk.  I really had to pee and this stupid huge chihuahua (he was as big as me!) was blocking our way and making fun of me.  Of course no one was looking and when I tried to get Sunny's attention she just ignored me and bumped me with her big ol butt.

I swear the chihuahua started crouching and growling and I just know he was getting ready to pounce so I had to defend myself!  That got Sunny's attention and of course she took the side of a complete stranger and snapped at me.  ME - HER OWN SISTER!  Our human got mad at both of us and was apologizing to the chihuahua's human.  Whatever!  It was his fault!



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