Thursday, March 6, 2014


I'm a huge Miyazaki fan and so are my niece and nephew.  But when we first tried showing Totoro to them when they were young, my nephew got so scared of Totoro in that first scene when they come across him as he's sleeping!  We asked him what about him was so scary and he did his best to explain the workings of his lil new brain and said "He's so big and wriggly!"  I actually had to hide my dvd for a while and anytime he visited he would ask if the Totoro dvd was well hidden.  Now they love Totoro and have seen some other Miyazaki films (we have yet to show them Spirited Away (scary spirits!) or Princess Mononoke (definitely something for an older kid audience)). 

So here's a pug version of Totoro.  He has a more cat-like face, but his body always reminded me of a pug!  And instead of the lil cute dust balls, here we have pug fur balls.  Because let's be honest, all of us who have pugs (or other high-shedding pets) are quite familiar with chasing these lil fur balls with our high-powered vacuums.


  1. Hello

    I LOVE your blog. I hope you don't mind but I would love to be able to print out your pugtoro as the flysheet in my day planner. It is AWESOME!!! I love Miyazaki and my mom loves Pugs so it's a great balance.

  2. LOL This just made my day! I remember my fourth grade teacher showing us this movie and I fell in LOVE with Totoro! This pug version is just to die for.<3333333