Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween! Sunny and Rosy hope everyone has a great Halloween with lots of treats! And they want to remind everyone that while your dog can't have any chocolate, there are lots of other kinds of treats you can give them (their current favorites are Primal Pet Food's liver treats that BarkBox introduced to us recently). Who says only humans should get treats today???

This is the drawing for October in my new 2014 calendar (link here).

I didn't get costumes for the girls, but I did whoop out Sunny's old koala hat!
They both hated wearing it. I managed to get them to sit still for a couple seconds and then they would start rubbing their head to pull it off. When I put it on Sunny, Rosy got crazy excited and wouldn't stop harassing her. But then it was Rosy's turn haha!

Happy Halloween!

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