Wednesday, October 23, 2013

The Little Things in Life

 Sometimes it's good to remind yourself to appreciate the little things in life like enjoying the feel of the wind in your hair/fur/ears.

Or, in my case, catching a glimpse of my pug's happy lil gremlin face in my rear view mirror! Rosy loves car rides so much and every time I see her with her muzzle tilted just over the window with her eyes closed I can't help but smile. She's now figured out how to open the windows so when I want to keep them closed I have to lock them!
Sunny usually just quietly sits or sleeps during our car drives but I had to add her to my drawing, even if she is just in the background!


  1. I love your blog! The drawings and photos of you pugs are so cute. I hope to get a pug one day, but until then I can get my pug fix from your awesome blog! - Claire

  2. my pug also enjoys car ride
    sometimes i put it in a bag and he just falls asleep during the ride
    when i take him out he will be so curious, always trys to squeeze to the front to see what we are doing