Wednesday, May 2, 2012


Rapugzel, Rapugzel, let down your tail!

Hmmm, this might not work out. Maybe it would be better if Rapugzel saved up all the fur she sheds and weaves that into a rope. I'm sure she'd have enough for the rope after one good furminator session.


  1. hello, really love your drawings, they are amazing! I own a pug as well and your drawings are exact the same way he behaves, and how I behave ;-) very funny! Keep up the good work! From: Byanka (Korean girl with a pug from The Netherlands) :D

  2. FYI I really enjoy all of your drawings and your creativity! My wife and I just got a pug, which has been her dream since early childhood. We named him Duncan and he's only 6 weeks old with an astounding weight of ... 2.6lbs. We're definitely experiencing the early ups and downs of pug ownership, but him and I have definitely made a connection! He loves playing with daddy haha! I love to draw too, so your blog really captivates me!

  3. Ha! And if there WAS a rope? What then? :)

  4. Aw thanks everyone!

    Bella - I bet she would be able to make a long enough rope with all that hair she probably sheds, but I question whether it would be able to support his hefty weight!