Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Farsighted Pug

This farsighted pug's glasses make his eyes look even bigger!  Even though big eyes are such a distinct feature of pugs, in my drawings the pugs' eyes are usually pretty small.  So here's a bigger-eyed version of a pug.  And farsighted pug here wants everyone to know that there's nothing wrong with wearing glasses, what's most important is that you have good, clear vision (the better to spot pugs).


  1. Yeah... I know hahahaha
    Actually I like to use glasses, they make my eyes also bigger than they already a pug!
    And your pugs are so cute, with big or small eyes.
    I am trying to draw but I am so bad in this :(

  2. It gives his face more dimension. Not so flat.

  3. TOO cute!! I came from Illustration Friday.

  4. Haha, oh my gosh. So silly! A great pug, so simple yet so grand!

  5. Ha ha! Love the glasses AND the tongue!